Standard Deliverables

Please contact us for pricing.

  • Analysis of text with break down of Verbs and Adjectives, Emotional Analysis, Phrase analysis (2,3 and 4 word groups) and Function Words.
  • Portal containing summary dashboard of analysis and all other analyses.
  • All files and graphics used in portal available for you to customize including the dashboard. Dashboard is available for up to six months free of charge.
  • Data set (CSV or Excel format) with original text record.
  • Up to two dash board segments.

Optional Services

  • Sampling based in Topic or search criteria i.e. 100 records per Topic or Segment or 10% of all matches for auto-coding terms/words. Add 5% to base price per sample.
  • Word frequency co-occurrence mapping (multidimensional scaling). Seen an example here. Up to 40 words add 10% to base price.
  • Data wrangling, this includes problems with input files and content extraction from non CSV, flat or Excel files. $75 per hour pre-approved by client.
  • Topic Flow Analysis. This allows you to see your Topics "share of voice" over time, useful for continuous Topic tracking.. Please ask for a quote.
  • Real time Topic allocation and emotional analysis. We can set up a system which will accept text input in real time and generate a Topic allocation and emotional analysis based on an existing Topic model. Please ask for a quote.
  • Topic Analysis showing latent topic structure within your text. We recommend you have a data set that is larger than 3,000 records for this analysis.
  • Spell checking.
  • Auto coding of words, phrases or ngrams.

Currently we can analyze English only. We would be pleased to co-operate with anyone who needs implementation of more languages.

Techie stuff: Client text data is required to be in UTF-8, in either a flat file, CSV/TSV (properly quoted), Excel or in a set of UTF-8 plain text documents. Data conversion and editing is charged per hour if needed, approved in advance by the client. We can convert most text documents into the required input format for Loquor™.


Topic analysis via the GENSIM analytical suite.